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Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 26 February 2016

Last Friday the Cologne R user group came together for the 17th time. This time, we were in for a special treatment, with two talks by psychologists! But, there was nothing to fear, we were in safe hands, and for the first time, we met at the new Microsoft office in Cologne. Lecture room at Microsoft, Cologne First up was Meik Michalke from the University of Düsseldorf presenting the RKWard project.

Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 18 September 2015

Last Friday the Cologne R user group came together for the 15th time. Since its inception over three years ago the group evolved from a small gathering in a pub into an active data science community, covering wider topics than just R. Still, R is the link and clue between the different interests. Last Friday’s agenda was a good example of this, with three talks touching on workflow management, web development and risk analysis.

Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 26 June 2015

Last Friday the Cologne R user group came together for the 14th time. For the first time we met at Startplatz, a start-up incubator venue. The venue was excellent, not only did they provide us with a much larger room, but also with table-football and drinks. Many thanks to Kirill for organising all of this! Photo: Günter Faes We had two excellent advanced talks.

Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 6 March 2015

At last Friday’s Cologne R user group meeting we welcomed two Northerners from the left and right (or ‘right’ and ‘wrong’) side of the Rhine. Using R in Excel via R.NET Günter Faes and Matthias Spix Download slides Günter and Michael presented examples of a new R Excel plugin ‘Calidris’ they developed using The plugin itself is written in C# and adds an R ribbon to Excel with pre-build functions.

Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 12 December 2014

Last week’s Cologne R user group meeting was the best attended so far, and it was a remarkable event - I believe not a single line of R code was shown. Still, it was an R user group meeting with two excellent talks, and you will understand shortly why not much R code needed to be displayed. Introduction to Julia for R Users Download slides Hans Werner Borchers joined us from Mannheim to give an introduction to Julia for R users.

Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 12 September 2014

Last Friday we had guests from Belgium and the Netherlands joining us in Cologne. Maarten-Jan Kallen from BeDataDriven came from The Hague to introduce us to Renjin, and the guys from DataCamp in Leuven, namely Jonathan, Martijn and Dieter, gave an overview of their new online interactive training platform. Renjin Maarten-Jan gave a fascinating introduction to Renjin, an R interpreter in the Java virtual machine (JVM). Why?

Review: Kölner R Meeting 26 Feburary 2014

Last week’s Cologne R user group meeting was all about R and databases. We had three talks from a generic overview on how to connect R to databases, to a specific example with kdb+ and perhaps the future with ArangoDB, a NoSQL database. Connecting R with databases Diego de Castillo’s talk focused on the use of relational databases, such as PostgreSQL, SQLite and Oracle. For all these databases dedicated R drivers exist on CRAN that can be used in a generic way via the DBI package.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 13 December 2013

Last week’s Cologne R user group meeting was the best attended so far. Well, we had a great line up indeed. Matt Dowle came over from London to give an introduction to the data.table package. He was joined by his collaborator Arun Srinivasan, who is based in Cologne. Their talk was followed by Thomas Rahlf on Datendesign mit R (Data design with R). data.table Download slides Matt’s goal with the data.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 18 October 2013

The Cologne R user group met last Friday for two talks on split apply combine in R and XLConnect by Bernd Weiß and Günter Faes respectively, before the usual Schnitzel and Kölsch at the Lux. Split apply combine in R The apply family of functions in R is incredible powerful, yet for newcomers often somewhat mysterious. Thus, Bernd gave an overview of the different apply functions and their cousins.

There is definitely R in July

The useR!2013 conference in Albacete, Spain, will commence next Wednesday, 10 July, and on the day before Diego and I will give a googleVis tutorial. The following Monday, 15 July, the first R in Insurance event will take place at Cass Business School and I am absolutely delighted with the programme and the fact that we are sold out. On Tuesday, 16 July, the LondonR user group meets in the City, awaiting presentations by Andrie de Vries (Revolution Analytics), Rich Pugh (Mango Solutions) and Hadley Wickham (RStudio).

Review: Kölner R Meeting 12 April 2013

Our 5th Cologne R user group meeting was the best attended meeting so far, with 20 members finding their way to the Institute of Sociology for two talks by Diego de Castillo on shiny and Stephan Holtmeier on cluster analysis, followed by beer and schnitzel at the Lux, a gastropub nearby. Shiny Diego gave an overview of the design principles behind shiny, which provides a powerful API to build web apps in pure R.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 6 February 2013

The fourth Cologne R user meeting took place last Wednesday at the Institute of Sociology. Thanks to Bernd Weiß for hosting the event and Revolution Analytics for their sponsorship. We had two fantastic talks by Klaus Jacobi and M.eik Michalke. Klaus talked about Eliminating cloud pixels in satellite images via chronological interpolation and Meik presented his new roxyPackage package, which makes it even easier to maintain R packages with roxygen2.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 5 October 2012

The third Cologne R user meeting took place last Friday, 5 October 2012, at the Institute of Sociology. The evening was sponsored by Revolution Analytics, who provided funding which went towards the Kölner R user group Meetup page. We had a good turn-out with 18 participants showing up and three talks by Dominik Liebl, Jonas Stein and Sarah Westrop. Photos: Günter Faes Dominik Liebl presented ideas of his forthcoming paper/vignette with Oualid Bada on Panel Data Analysis with Heterogeneous Time Trends.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 6 July 2012

The second Cologne R user meeting took place last Friday, 6 July 2012, at the Institute of Sociology. Thanks to Bernd Weiß, who provided the meeting room, we didn’t have to worry about the infrastructure, like we did at our first gathering. Again, we had an interesting mix of people turning up, with a very diverse background from chemistry to geo-science, energy, finance, sociology, pharma, physics, psychology, mathematics, statistics, computer science, telco, etc.

Reminder: Next Kölner R User Meeting 6 July 2012

This post is a quick reminder that the next Cologne R user group meeting is only one week away. We will meet on 6 July 2012. The meeting will kick off at 18:00 with three short talks at the Institute of Sociology and will continue, even more informal, from 20:00 in a pub (LUX) nearby. All details are available on the KölnRUG Meetup site. Please sign up if you would like to come along.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 30 March 2012

The first Kölner R user meeting was great fun. About 20 useRs had turned up to exchange their ideas, questions and experience with R. Three talks about R & Excel, ggplot2 & XeLaTeX and Dynamical systems with R & simecol had kicked off the evening, with Kölsch (beer) losing our tongues further. Thankfully a lot of people had brought along their laptops, as unfortunately we lacked a cable to connect any of the computers to the installed projector.

Reminder: Kölner R User Group meets on 30 March 2012

Venue: Sion em Keldenich, Weyertal 47, 50937 Cologne, Germany, 6 p.m., 30 March 2012, View Larger Map For more details and registration see the Kölner R User Group page.

Kölner R User Meeting 30 March 2012

Am 30. März 2012 möchte ich gerne das erste Kölner R Benutzer Treffen organisieren. Ich habe an den Treffen in London in den vergangen Jahren teilgenommen und hoffe auch in Köln Gleichgesinnte zu finden, die sich gerne bei einem Kölsch über R and das Leben unterhalten würden. I would like to organise the first R user group meeting in Cologne, Germany, on 30 March 2012. In the past few years I have participated at the London R user groups and I hope to find also like-minded people in Cologne, who would like to catch up over a Kölsch on R and life in general.