Notes from the Kölner R meeting, 6 March 2015

At last Friday’s Cologne R user group meeting we welcomed two Northerners from the left and right (or ‘right’ and ‘wrong’) side of the Rhine. Using R in Excel via R.NET Günter Faes and Matthias Spix Download slides Günter and Michael presented examples of a new R Excel plugin ‘Calidris’ they developed using R.net. The plugin itself is written in C# and adds an R ribbon to Excel with pre-build functions.

Next Kölner R User Meeting: Friday, 6 March 2015

The next Cologne R user group meeting is scheduled for this Friday, 6 March 2015 and we have an exciting agenda with two talks, followed by networking drinks: Using R in Excel via R.NET Günter Faes and Matthias Spix MS Office and Excel are the ‘de-facto’ standards in many industries. Using R with Excel offers an opportunity to combine the statistical power of R with a familiar user interface.

End User Computing and why R can help meeting Solvency II

John D. Cook gave a great talk about ‘Why and how people use R’. The talk resonated with me and highlighted why R is such a great tool for end user computing. A topic which has become increasingly important in the European insurance industry. John’s main point on why people use R is that R gets the job done and I think he is spot on.

Review: Kölner R Meeting 30 March 2012

The first Kölner R user meeting was great fun. About 20 useRs had turned up to exchange their ideas, questions and experience with R. Three talks about R & Excel, ggplot2 & XeLaTeX and Dynamical systems with R & simecol had kicked off the evening, with Kölsch (beer) losing our tongues further. Thankfully a lot of people had brought along their laptops, as unfortunately we lacked a cable to connect any of the computers to the installed projector.