Next Kölner R User Meeting: Friday, 26 June 2015

Koeln R The next Cologne R user group meeting is scheduled for this Friday, 6 June 2015 and we have an exciting agenda with two talks followed by networking drinks.

  • Data Science at the Commandline (Kirill Pomogajko)
  • An Introduction to RStan and the Stan Modelling Language (Paul Viefers)
Please note: Our venue changed! We have outgrown the seminar room at the Institute of Sociology and move to Startplatz, a start-up incubator venue: Im Mediapark, 550670 Köln

Drinks and Networking

The event will be followed by drinks (Kölsch!) and networking opportunities.

For further details visit our KölnRUG Meetup site. Please sign up if you would like to come along. Notes from past meetings are available here.

The organisers, Bernd Weiß and Markus Gesmann, gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of Revolution Analytics, who support the Cologne R user group as part of their Matrix programme.


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