Next Kölner R User Meeting: Friday, 6 March 2015

Koeln R The next Cologne R user group meeting is scheduled for this Friday, 6 March 2015 and we have an exciting agenda with two talks, followed by networking drinks:

Using R in Excel via R.NET

Günter Faes and Matthias Spix

MS Office and Excel are the ‘de-facto’ standards in many industries. Using R with Excel offers an opportunity to combine the statistical power of R with a familiar user interface. offers a user friendly interfaces to Excel; R functions work just like Excel functions and are basically hidden away.

Text Mining with R

Cornelius Puschmann

In addition to the analysis of numerical data, R is increasingly attractive for processing text as well. Cornelius will give a very brief overview of common text mining techniques and their corresponding R implementations, with a focus on useful applications in the social sciences. Techniques will include corpus creation and management (package tm), latent semantic analysis (package lsa), and topic models (package topicmodels), as well as sentiment analysis (experimental package syuzhet). Simple but useful routines such as automatically inferring the language of a text (package text cat , or the gender of a first name (package genderize) will also be briefly pointed out.

Drinks and Networking

The event will be followed by drinks and schnitzel at the Lux.

For further details visit our KölnRUG Meetup site. Please sign up if you would like to come along. Notes from past meetings are available here.

The organisers, Bernd Weiß and Markus Gesmann, gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of Revolution Analytics, who support the Cologne R user group as part of their Matrix programme.

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