Registration for 'R in Insurance' conference has opened

The registration for the first conference on R in Insurance on Monday 15 July 2013 at Cass Business School in London has opened.

The intended audience of the conference includes both academics and practitioners who are active or interested in the applications of R in insurance.

The 2013 R in Insurance conference builds upon the success of the R in Finance and R/Rmetrics events. We expect invited keynote lectures by:
  • Professor Alexander McNeil, Department of Actuarial Science & Statistics Heriot-Watt University: Implementing CreditRisk+ in R with the Faster Fourier Transform
  • Trevor Maynard, Head of Exposure Management and Reinsurance, Lloyd’s: There is an R in Lloyd’s

We invite you to submit a one-page abstract for consideration. Both academic and practitioner proposals related to R are encouraged.

The submission deadline for abstracts is 28 March 2013. Please email your abstract (in txt or pdf format) to rinsuranceconference at gmail dot com.

The conference committee consists of:

Details about the registration and abstract submission are given on the new dedicated R in Insurance page at Cass Business School.

The organisers, Andreas Tsanakas and Markus Gesmann, gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of Mango Solutions.


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