googleVis 0.2.14 is released

Version 0.2.14 of the googleVis package was released on CRAN today.


The help files have been checked against changes of the Google Visualisation API, typos in the vignette have been ironed out (thanks to Pat Burns for pointing them out), a new section on dealing with apostrophes in column names has been added and the example in the section “Setting options” has been reviewed. For more details and demos check out the project site.

New Feature

Additionally a new visualisation function has been added: gvisBubbleChart, which provides an interface to the bubble chart of the Google Visualisation API. You could think of it as a static version of the motion chart. Here are some examples, followed by a motion chart.


P <- lapply(2008:2010, function(x)
      gvisBubbleChart(subset(Fruits, Year %in% x), idvar="Fruit",
       xvar="Sales", yvar="Expenses",
       colorvar="Location", sizevar="Profit",
       options=list(width=400, height=300, 
        colors='["#B2EE2C", "#3F4FFF"]',
        title=paste("Fruit data ",x,", bubble size reflects profit", sep=""),
        sizeAxis="{minValue: 0,  maxSize: 12}",
        vAxis=paste("{title: 'Expenses', viewWindow:{min:65, max:95},",
             "baselineColor:'#EEEEEE', gridlines:{color:'#EEEEEE'}}"),
        hAxis=paste("{title: 'Sales', viewWindow:{min:70, max:115},",
             "baselineColor:'#EEEEEE', gridlines:{color:'#EEEEEE'}}")
bubbleCharts <- gvisMerge(P[[1]], gvisMerge(P[[2]], P[[3]]))

M <- gvisMotionChart(Fruits, "Fruit", "Year", 
                     options=list(width=430, height=360))
plot(gvisMerge(bubbleCharts, M))


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