googleVis 0.2.9

Today we published googleVis 0.2.9 on CRAN. The new version updates the package for the new features of the Google Visualisation API and brings a new in-page editor option.

Here is a simple example, displaying the participants of the R user Conference 2011 in Warwick by country. Notice the ‘Edit me’ button in the top left corner of the chart, which allows you to change and customise the graph.

url <- ""
participants <- readHTMLTable(readLines(url), which=1, stringsAsFactors=F)
names(participants) <- c("Name", "Country", "Organisation")
## Correct typo and shortcut
participants$Country <- gsub("Kngdom","Kingdom",participants$Country)
participants$Country <- gsub("USA","United States",participants$Country)
participants$Country <- factor(participants$Country)
partCountry <- ~ Country, data=participants))
## Please note the option gvis.editor requires googleVis version >= 0.2.9
G <- gvisGeoChart(partCountry,"Country", "Freq", options=list(gvis.editor="Edit me") )