Last chance to register for the R in Insurance conference


The registration for the 2nd R in Insurance conference at Cass Business School London will close this Friday, 4 July.

The programme includes talks from international practitioners and leading academics, see below. For more details and registration visit:

Still unsure? Review some impressions and presentations from last year's conference.

On behalf of the committee and sponsors, Mango Solutions, Cybaea, RStudio and PwC, we look forward to seeing you in London on 14 July!


Parashar said...

Hi Markus,

Whenever I try to install googleVis and its associated packages in R, I get the error as:

packages ‘devtools’, ‘RJSONIO’, ‘knitr’, ‘shiny’, ‘httpuv’, 'googleVis' are not available (for R version 3.0.1)

I tried it both from R studio and R console without any luck. Would be grateful if you please put some pointer here. Regards.

Markus Gesmann said...

I need more information from you in order to help you. What is the output of sessionInfo() on your system?

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