Installing a SSD drive into a mid-2007 iMac

I have a mid-2007 iMac with a 2.4 GHz Core2Duo processor and despite the fact that it is already six years old, it still does a good job. However, compared to a friend's recent MacBook Air with a solid state disk (SSD) it felt sluggish when opening programmes and loading larger documents.

So, I thought it would be worthwhile to replace the old spinning hard disk drive with an SSD, instead of buying a new computer. I still like the display of the iMac. Hence, I got myself a Samsung 840 SATA drive, as it came with a USB cable and bracket hard drive holder.

It actually wasn't that difficult to replace the hard drive in my iMac. Of course I can give no guarantee that this works for you as well. Here are the steps I took:
So far I am really happy with the new SSD. Applications are opening much faster and overall the computer feels much snappier. It looks like it can serve me quite a little longer.

Here are a few pictures of the surgery:

iMac with glass panel and bezel removed
Display and hard drive removed
New SSD and old HDD

Screen shot of the new system preferences


Rasmus Arnling Bååth said...

So is it faster for things like reading and writing data in R? The following takes 2.2 s on my old laptop with a good old spinner:

x <- runif(2^25) # Roughly 256 mb of data
system.time(saveRDS(x, file="tmp.Rdata", compress=FALSE))
## user system elapsed
## 0.584 0.332 2.227

Markus Gesmann said...

Here are the timings of my SSD iMac:
## user system elapsed
## 0.463 0.678 1.137

Rasmus Arnling Bååth said...

50 % reduction, pretty good :)

Markus Gesmann said...

Here are timings on an identical iMac with HDD
## user system elapsed
## 0.477 0.700 5.329

Indeed, it looks pretty good.

yogi shuemantri said...

nice post , please visit back :D thanks :)

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