Quick review: R in Insurance Conference

Yesterday the first R in Insurance conference took place at Cass Business School in London.

I think the event went really well, but as a member of the organising committee my view is probably skewed. Still, we had a variety of talks, a full house, a great conference dinner and to top it all, the Tower Bridge opened while we had our drinks at the end of the evening.

I will post a more complete review in the future with links to the files of the presentations and R code, once we had a chance to collate all the information.

Many thanks again to all who helped to make this event a success, particularly Andreas Tsanakas at Cass and to our sponsors Mango Solutions and CYBAEA.

Lecture room

Breakout area

Conference dinner at Cantina del Ponte

Tower Bridge


  1. Hi Markus,

    Unfortunately, I couldn't join this great conference.
    I am looking for the files of the presentations and R code.

    Hope you can publish them very soon :)

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  2. The presentations and R code are available from GitHub now: http://mages.github.io/R_in_Insurance_2013/

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